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A & A Organic Farms Announces Organic Ginger in 5 Oz. Mesh Bags

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

A & A Organic Farms is introducing a NEW 8 x 5oz UPC Mesh Bag for their Peruvian Organic Ginger. In addition to the mesh bags, A & A also offers their Peruvian Ginger in 30 pound Fancy Pack, as well as 30 pound Industrial Grade Pack for their juice and process clients.

A & A Organic Farms President & Co-founder Andy Martin says, “The season is in full swing and should continue until January or February of 2019. Our 5 ounce mesh bags, available in both Organic Ginger and Organic Turmeric, has been very popular with the large chain stores, as the bag guarantees it is identified properly at the register as an organic ring.”

A & A Organic Peruvian Ginger is a yellow ginger, which is often regarded as being superior in quality in comparison with the white varieties, and is highly regarded among consumers. It offers a unique rich flavor in part due to the Peruvian rainforest mountain soil and the complex Amazonian growing climate. Peruvian Ginger is a completely different product from Chinese Ginger.

Working directly with their grower in Pichanaki Peru, A & A Organic Farms is receiving containers in Los Angeles on a regular basis. For more information on A & A‘s Organic Peruvian Ginger, contact us at

A & A Organic Farms is a grower and seller of certified organic produce, representing small to mid-size farms. With over three decades of experience serving farmers, we specialize in sales and distribution, assist growers with crop plans, package design, and marketing strategies. We open sales channels for our farmers using our extensive contacts and relationships with supermarket chains and produce distributors.

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