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Doble' A - our NEW Garlic Label

A & A Organic Farms out of Watsonville, Ca. has started to receive their first containers of garlic from Argentina. "With both organic and conventional available this year we took the opportunity to pack this years crop in our new 'Double A' label" President, Andy Martin, reports. "We are excited to announce the expansion of A & A's Organic Farms imported garlic offerings. Garlic has always been a strong commodity for us; thanks to the excellent quality our grower's produce. We have increased garlic production in all regions to offer our customers a steady year-round supply", Martin reports.

"We created the 'Double A' label to celebrate our long standing relationships with our Latin America growers. In Latin America we are know as Doble' A or Double A. We have made our "nickname" into a label for our garlic programs in Argentina and in Mexico", says Martin. Conventional garlic is shipped in white 'Doble' A' boxes, and organic garlic is shipped in kraft colored 'Double A' boxes. The garlic arrives in a 30 pound box with 80 cases per pallet.

"Once we have exhausted our Argentine Garlic we will begin to import the garlic from our Mexican growers. President, Andy Martin, states that the new crop of Argentine Garlic is "stellar with clean bulbs and large cloves. The flavor is outstanding too"

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