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Organic Rambutan...what is it?

We are now selling Organic Rambutan in bulk 5# boxes and 6 x 12oz. clamshell packs. Our Organic Rambutan is from Honduras and loads in Los Angeles.

What is Rambutan?

It is a tree fruit, primarily known for its similarities with the Lychee and the Longan fruit, particularly its transparent-whitish flesh and the seed in the middle. This is because these fruits are actually close relatives. Rambutan fruit can be easily identified because of its green and red spikes that resemble hair.

The name "Rambutan" is derived from the Malay-Indonesian languages word for rambut or "hair". The hairy exterior that conceals a smooth, sweet white fruit within. You can easily peel open a Rambutan by splitting the skin apart with your nails and spreading it back, much as you would peel an orange. Don’t worry about the spines; they look sharp but are actually quite soft and bend back easily.


Rambutan flesh is juicy, milky- white, translucent in color, with a grape-like, texture surrounding a central seed. The flavor of a Rambutan is described as sweet and sour, much like a grape, and is more tart than the Lychee fruit.

You can eat Rambutan freshly peeled or use in a variety of ways. Rambutan are at their peak ripeness when they turn red, orange or yellow. elect a ripe rambutan. .. Stay tuned for more ideas how to enjoy our fresh, Organic Rambutan!

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